Monday, October 12, 2009

Fall Retreat Favorites

Retreats are never really retreats when you have kids. We usually sleep less than usual and our schedules get out-of-whack. Nonetheless, we enjoyed a sweet togetherness this weekend that was most definitely restorative.

Here are some of my favorites:
*Watching children engage in worship (few handraisers out there)
*Michele Mollkoy's teaching, but especially her friendship, presence, and good wit
*Competitive zeal between Zoe Womack and Sam Mollkoy as Amos' caregivers
*Parachute games with the children
*Worship in Music, especially "Mighty to Save"
*Worship in Creation: feeding squirrels, sitting on rocks, the hum of silence
*Jenna's Fargo Hat
*Pine Valley's chocolate chip cookies (dude!)
*Multigenerational Conversations
*Illuminated star-filled sky
*Children tree-climbing and engulfed in the wonder of nature and play
*Meeting gazes and words with parents in similar life seasons
*The Jappe dance
*Breathing Space
*Prayer and Reflection
*Driving home to Eli chanting every word to his memory verse!

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