Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Quietly Humming

In the contemplative,
coffee-filled quiet
of mornings still and alone,
I take up your hymn of glory,
the hum of life fresh awakening.

New ideas and old favorite thoughts,
questions that beg considering,
all gather to sit for a while, all stirring
to dip their ink ready fingers
in the palette of daybreak's becoming.

Into the morning of sleep heavy stars,
into the clamor of being and doing,
let me walk full ready for wonder
at the spectrum of what I will see and smell,
feel, touch, and hear

so that now and then, in a moment
of unforeseen gossamer hush,
on a wing, on a petal, on a shell,
on a leaf, should I catch a color winking
sun brilliant, rain glossy, waiting

for me to remember
your love for me,
our time together,
I may answer by
quietly humming.

--Kimberly M. King, RSCJ