Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Why We Love Trunk-or-Treat

In similar style to Kim’s previous post, I thought it was only fitting that I write something about why we, the Dugans, love Trunk-or-Treat so much.

I have to admit that for the inaugural Trunk-or-Treat (which will be referred to as T-or-T going forward), we had no idea what to expect so I just covered the car in as many spider webs as I could find. We certainly did not want to be the only trunk with no decorations, but little did we know that would be just the beginning of things to come. T-or-T #2 brought much disappointment for us as, despite our dry ice special effects, we could not compete with the Dixons and their fabulously decorated RV. However, we refused to be discouraged and figured we just needed a little more creativity… so year #3 found our blue Civic transformed into a paper mache whale complete with a very realistic Jonah. This year, we were the judges, but didn’t want to miss out on the fun so the car was transformed into an Egyptian pyramid hit with the plagues. Well, a few of the plagues- flies, locusts, frogs, hail, and eventually with the sun’s cooperation, darkness. Plus we dressed up as pharaoh and his family.

I was feeling slightly guilty, like maybe we go overboard and our time and efforts could be better spent somewhere else, but then I found out what the VBS theme is this summer… EGYPT! The pyramid, plagues, and costumes can all be used again. God is so cool don’t you think?!

Here are some other favorite things from the Trunk-or-Treat:

- Zoe Womack doing the cake walk… every single round

- Dan getting lost in the box maze and having to come back out the entrance

- Having all my Sunday School kids run up to show me their


- All the decorated trunks- seriously, there are a lot of very creative people at our church

- All the great costumes, especially the ones that went along with their trunks

- The kids’ candy taking styles… by the handful, one piece after serious contemplation, or one piece based on what mom and dad tell them to pick

- The volunteers running the games, they looked to be having as much fun as the kids playing them

- The giant slide- I saw a lot of dads that were enjoying the slide more than their kids (pure joy on dad's face, pure panic on kid's face)

What a fun evening that could not have been pulled off without the help of each and every volunteer… the cake bakers, the station watchers, the set-up and take down crew, the trunk decorators, the hospitality folks, the candy donators, and everyone in between!